Image development and experimentation

When looking at our film project we wanted to make sure that we were exploring our options in terms of experimenting not only with format but also with the visual aspects and effects. Since one of the main underlying themes of our project is nostalgia I wanted to experiment with visual effects that would convey that idea.

I thought that this could be done by experimenting with different warmer tones to mimic or reference the sepia toned photographs of the past or even take it further by blurring the edges to give an aspect of a vignette.

Original still

Original still with blurred edges.

Still with a warm sepia style filter

Still with the sepia filter as well as blurred and darkened edges to give the impression of a vignette.

Black and White to give the complete nostalgia effect.


After testing the different filters and effects on a few stills from the film we concluded that the black and white filter would make the film seem to cliché, it didn’t seem to add anything to the film but rather to just be an addition for the sake of changing something.

The sepia toned filters were oddly similar to the natural hue of the light in the original section of film. The original footage has very warm light as it was filmed during the mid afternoon on a sunny day. I realised that the colour range was very similar to the filter however the filter seemed a little too exaggerated. Instead of just using a filter I think it would look better if we just corrected the light and tones of the film slightly in post production.

The vignette aspect was somewhat more successful. Although the ones on the test images are quite harsh and very noticeable, however if this was done more subtly it could accentuate the central image and direct the audience to the main point of focus. The blurred edges also give the nostalgic effect that we were looking for as it strongly coincides with our subject (the bookstore).

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